Download your sales report in Excel

Once you've seen your sales report visually for a specific period time, you might want to download the information to go deeper in to your data or just save the results. You can download the report in two formats:

  1. PNG image, save the graphs and results of a period time visually
  2. Excel, so you can handle/edit all data loaded and create new information relevant for your business

descargar excel reporte ventas

Download the Sales report in Excel

If you wish to download the Excel document you must know there is a report for each currency set, and for each currency you will have three dedicated sheets:

1. Sales

Here you will have a list of all booking's account closed of the period time chosen. These will be the details presented:

  • Booking ID
  • room/unit name
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • total nights
  • Channel of sale
  • Biller (could be a person, a company or an Agency).
  • Contact/intemediary (a person or enterprise that sold the booking)
  • stay's sales
  • services charged
  • Gran total

detalle ventas excel reporte

2. Services

List of all services charged during the range time you choosed, you will have the following specs:

    • date when it was charged
    • category/family
    • Service
    • quantity
    • Amount

reporte ventas servicios hotel

3. Recap

The last sheet of the currency report summarize results and important percentages:

  • Totals

totales ventas hotel

  • Porcentages

porcentajes de origen venta hotel

porcentajes venta de servicios por categoria

With this excel document you will be able to go deeper in to your data and information junctions to take better decisions in the future.

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