Sales report / booking's account closure

Go to the "Reports" tab on the main menu and choose the "sales report" to monitor your numbers. This "reports" tab can only be used by managers and owner, the clerks won't have access to this part.

Sales reports delivered by Clerk PMS are generated with all the data registered on your account. As time goes by you will be able to compare different ranges of time, there are 5 periods available:

  • Last week
  • Last Month
  • Last 3 months
  • Last 6 months
  • Last year

When choosing a specific period, the system will load the data and calculate the results for the dates involved. Sales results will be separated according to the different currencies you have setup on your account (you can have up to 3).

Last week:

reporte ventas reservas hotel

Last month:

ventas mensuales reporte reservas

Last 6 months:

ventas anuales reportes reservas

The results of these reports have two components:

  1. The calculated totals
  2. The comparative graphs

The calculated totals

The system generates the cumulative totals and statistics for the period chosen. You will be able to see in detail the profits generated, with a breakdown between what you billed for rooms and what you charged for services.

informe de resultados de venta hotel

The origin of the registered bookings are exposed by percentage:

  • If bookings are coming from Clerk (C), this means they are direct sales handled by phone, mail, walk-in...
  • If bookings are coming from OTAs (O), they are coming from your Channel Manager and were automatically registered on your Dashboard (know more about the Channel Manager service here).
  • Bookings coming from TripConnect (T) are related to the campaigns you enabled on TripAdvisor (know more about TripConnect here).
  • Bookings coming from Facebook (F) are the ones created on the booking engine you installed on your fan page.


canales de venta, tripconnect, web, OTA


The sales reports can be downloaded in two formats : image and Excel (know more about it here).

descargar excel reporte ventas





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