Tips and recommendations for your TripConnect campaign

We listed some recommendations to help you with the configuration of your TripConnect campaign :

1. If your accommodation has contracts with OTAs like or trivago , you should know that your rates will compete with the ones published by OTAs.

Here are some tips for this case scenario:

  • If you have high season periods it would be a good strategy to close out all those dates to OTAs. This way you will be offering your availability and rates in real time without competition. Avoid losing the opportunity to sell directly your rooms and save the commission from OTAs - Also by doing that you will be able to have the lowest PPC on TripConnect.

  • For the dates on which the OTAs have rooms inventory available because you don't have a choice, your rates should appear in the comparison TripAdvisor with the same rate as your competitors. Verify that you are publishing rates without TAX and how your US rates are being converted in other currencies with a high exchange rate (see how OTAs are doing the conversion).

You must know that TripAdvisor's price comparison engine works with the bid you define on each market PPC (the lowest price won't appear in the first place). You don't need to invest to be in the first place because if you have a lower price and on a third position, they will book with you.

Also, by having the same rate that OTAs, clients will decide where they want to book... so no need in paying a more expensive PPC (Anyhow this click will be cheaper that the 15-12% commission).

Carefull, the only problem of not being in the first position is that your rate is not well featured when travelers use the dates search engine but with an interesting price this shouldn't be a problem.

2. If your accommodation hasn't established contracts with OTAs, your rates will be the only ones published.

When appearing in the TripAdvisor's directory, hotels are automatically positioned in the hospitality industry scene of a particular area. This is because the traveler has a search process: The first thing they do it's to know the options available, then choose according to their budget and finally define which hotel on the budget range has the best reviews to book.

The following image illustrates how hotels appear on TripAdvisor when they don't have TripConnect:

perfil tripadvisor sin tripconnect activado

Therefore, TripConnect tool allows you to promote direct sales at a low cost since according to the searched dates, clients will find availability and related rates. The publication are real time and link to TripAdvisor certificated booking engine for a better reliance.

We hope that our recommendations helped you to prepare your next TripConnect campaign, any doubt or idea please share with our community!

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