How can I suspend or stop paying my Clerk account ?

You can stop paying whenever you want. With Clerk you're not tied to especial conditions or contracts. You can either suspend your charges by freezing your account or stop them by eliminating your account.

The contracted services of your subscription will be available until the period ends unless your freeze or eliminate your account. You should know that there are no refunds.

  • If you stop paying or your credit card is having problems to process your subscription: your account will be transfer to "Frozen" state.
  • You will have 60 days to solve this situation or all your information and configuration is deleted (unless you let know our support team you have months where your business is closed because of the low season).
  • During this period of time you can access to your account and see the already entered data but you cannot add new reservations or use Clerk's features.
  • Please contact the support team if you need help with your account situation.

You can stop your clerk subscription by going to the "Account" tab and choosing from the Frozen or delete option.

See more about our terms and conditions here.


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