Avoid errores and inconsistencies in your reports

When downloading your reports and monitoring the numbers of your Clerk account you must know the generated results follow a specific process.
It is very important that you properly use your Clerk account so that your reports deliver truthful information. Here are some important points:

1. Check-in / check-out must be registered on the day that corresponds in order to be accounted correctly in the Occupation report. If you check-in a booking the day after the passenger's arrival your report will be affected.
2. Account closures are properly recorded in the sales report when doing the check-out on the booking's departure date. The total amount will be recorded on the check-out day (for example, a night of 1st to November 2nd, the total amount will be recorded for 2nd). If a day after the departure the booking is checked-out, the amount of sale will not appear in the record.

3. If a booking is removed, the registry is updated with the active bookings.

4. Every day the system makes a cut on daily sales. This is for security reasons for the owner as changes cannot be made once the check-out is registered. Accounts are closed with the customer while checking-out.

  • Check-ins must be done the day of the passenger arrival
  • You can charge services and register payments before and after checking-in but not after the date of departure (check-out)
  • Check-outs must be processed on the booking's departure date. if you receive deferred payments it is advisable to register the check-out on the departures date and find another way to record later payments (contact our support to help you find a solution)


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