How to monitor and enter your Clerk account at all times ?

Clerk and all its tools are online so you can view or perform actions on the system from anywhere in the world!

Clerk isn't install on a single computer, nor requires licenses to be used on multiple devices at the same time (in fact you can register as many users you need, no limits) and therefore do not require any kind of anti-virus.



To access your account you need to have internet and a computer, tablet or smartphone (doesn't matter the brand or the browser you use). Now you just have to remember your Clerk's URL, this is the name of your business your reistered + system:

To access your channel manager you require your user and password with URL access.

So, if you are at home and want to check the status of your hotel to prepare your next day of work you just have to access the Internet and paste in the browser your Clerk URL ( Log-in and you are good to go!

If you only want to see the important numbers of the day, you can enter from your smartphone and you will have a summary, but if you want to go further you can click on the "Switch to normal version" and will enter the dashboard (you only won't be able to create bookings from the dashboard).

The view from your cell can be too tiny, we recommend taking a computer or tablet for a better experience :)

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