How to change you billing credit card on you Clerk account

In order to change the credit card being charged to subscribe your Clerk plan, you must be the owner of the account or have the email and password of the person who opened the account. If you have the owners credentials then you are able to see the "Account" tab.

Once you are in the account tab, you will see the detail of your current subscribed plan and below other plans available. Two cases scenario are presented to you:
  1. You want to subscribe another plan    
  2. You want to stick with the same plan

Case 1: You want to subscribe another plan

  • You just have to click on the "Change Plan" button and choose your new plan.

  • When choosing a plan your credit card already registered on the system will show. On the top of it there is a check-box that where you can enable the option to change the credit card, just un-check.
  • Once your new credit card is updated, click on the "Place order" button. Done, change of credit card registered! 


Case 2: You want to stick with the same plan
If the plan you want is not listed among the options, here are three reasons.

  • First reason: You need to enable it back again
To do so you need to release the plan to access it, first "suspend the charges" to freeze your account. Once this is done your plan will appear on the listing and you can follow the steps detailed on Case 1 (previously mentioned).

* To suspend charges just go to the bottom of the "Account" tab and look for the blue link (see image below), click on it and follow the steps.

  • Second reason: Your plan is special or a deal 
If your plan is special or a promotion and if it is still valid, enter again the promo code you where given. Click on the link "If you own a promo code enter it here" (image bellow), if you plan is still available than follow the steps detailed in case 1.  

  • Third reason: Your plan no longer exist
The plan you were subscribed no longer exists and therefore there is no way to recover it (your subscription was maintaining it but it is no longer possible to create a new billing period). You should choose a similar plan available, contact our support for advice.
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