Channel Manager's credit card records

If you wish to know the credit card details of a reservation made via your Channel Manager follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the "Channel Manager bookings" tab.
  2. Apply basic filters to search the booking you are looking for.
  3. Once you have a list of reservation or the specific booking that matches your search, click on the blue link where the booking ID appears.

When clicking on the booking ID you will find the last modifications made to the booking and all the details registered when the booking was made. The credit card details shared by the OTA are on the bottom.

* Depending on the OTA registering the booking the credit card information will be available for a period of time on the Channel Manager. For example Expedia can remove the credit card details 3 days after creating the booking.

** Depending on the OTA, the credit card validity is verified. Ask directly to your market manager what is the OTA's validation process so you know if you are required to verify them from your terminal.

*** Remember that if you the need the credit card details to charge a no-show you have also to inform the OTA about it on its extranet.

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