Monitor all bookings made through your Channel Manager

To check in detail all the reservations managed by the ChM - no matter if they are active, modified or canceled - you need to visit the "Channel Manager Booking" tab.

In this window you will find different filters to search for bookings on a certain range of time, status, OTA...

These are the most interesting filters:

  1. Booking date: Bookings registered on a specific date
  2. Check-in date : Bookings making check-in on a specific date
  3. Stay Date : Every single booking that will be IN the hotel on a specific date (no matter when the booking was made and the check-in date).


Once this basic filter is specified, enter the dates or range time you want to consult (If you are not looking for a booking in particular, we recommend you leave the other filters with "All" so you don't miss any booking).

When you are done with the filters, Click the "Search" button: A list of bookings matching the filter you made will appear in the bottom of the page.

* You can download the report by clicking on the "Download" button located next to "Search".
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