What can I do and not do with a Channel Manager

A Channel Manager (CM) is a tool that lets connect to several OTAs, manage and sell inventory simultaneously (booking.com portals like Expedia, Airbnb ...) from a single screen.

Your Channel Manager is responsible for receiving all reservations and replicate them on your Clerk Dashboard. So new booking appear, are modify and are automatically canceled without moving a finger.


Once you decide and define your sales strategy you only need to set the inventory and rates and that is all!

With your CM you can:

  • Make inventory changes
  • Close dates / Open Dates
  • Change Rates
  • Open / Close promotions
  • Monitor all bookings registered OTAs connected

With CM you can't (These are actions you need to do directly on the extranet of the OTA):

  • Cancel reservations
  • Mark no-shows
  • Making changes in your profile and types of units
  • Create promotions (once created on the extranet we can replicate in CMif you want).
  • Pay your fees/commissions

Request a video call with our support team in order to receive a full demonstration (Channel manager isn't on free trial as we actually need to connect everything and this is a long term decision).

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