Handle several properties with Clerk

By specializing in independent hotels we encounter several businesses that manage a set of properties under one brand:

    1. You could have some sort of
resort that combines different types of units. For example: On one side a building where you have different types of rooms (doubles, suites, quadruple ...) but you also sell different kinds of Villas. Or cabins on one side of your property and camping spaces on the other.
   2. You
may also be handling different properties in one geographical area. For example: You own Apartments and houses in the same city (or country) and each property is unique.


If you want to keep a centralized management, no problem you can do it with Clerk! We effectively serve your special requirements and specific configurations so Clerk suits your needs.

Also if you want to hire our Channel Manager but have different properties activated on a OTA or several, we can make make settings so all bookings are registered in a single Clerk account.

If you want each property has its independent management, you can open an account for each property and simultaneously keep the window open of all your accounts. We can offer you a special rate depending on the number of accounts you want to open.

If you do not know what is the best option for your business or simply want us to introduce all the possibilities offered to handle several properties, request our advice.

We can assist you with all your doubts, the settings of your account and the deliver of a pricing proposal: please contact our support team via the Help tab of your account or by writing to this email hello [at] clerkhotel.com

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