Register a booking manually on Clerk’s PMS

On this post we will explain the step by step to create a new booking manually in your Clerk Dashboard. We specify manually because some reservationscan be created automatically when made through your website, Facebook, TripConnect or your Channel Manager (OTAs).


reserva manual desde sistema de gestion

Everytime that you create manually a new reservation it will appear as made through Clerk (more about the codes and colors of your dashboard) and registered with the name of the user who created it.

reserva asociada a usuario creador

It’s important to understand the creation process of a booking in order to manage efficiently your everyday task but also because by organizing your information you may get interesting information about your hotel activity. One of the most critical point when creating a reservation is understand the different data for a proper registration.

1. The one who pays

This refers to the person or entity that will handle the room’s billing. It can be a person, a company or an agency.

2. The sales contact

Reservation may come thanks to a sales man or business contact, but this doesn’t mean necessarily that this intermediary will be in charge of the billing. As hoteliers we want to trace where sales are coming.

You can also register the capture mode of each reservation.

modo de captura reserva

3. The passenger

Regardless of who is paying the invoice, the one who sleeps on the room is the passenger. You can add other passengers with all their information or justcreate in your database a passenger called “Extra Guest” that you can use as many times you like in order to know how many people are staying in the room.

agregar huesped extra manual

4. Register included or charged services

Each booking can include different services that will appear in the account summary of the room, whether you want them to be charge or not (Learn to configure your services here). Find them through the service search engine and edit the price if necessary.

ingreso de servicios sistema hotel

5. Register a deposits or an advanced payments

If you’ve received a transfer or a deposit to secure a reservation now is the time to register this transaction. Indicate a voucher number, an explanatorytext and an amount that will be automatically deducted from the total sum.

ingreso de pagos en reservaot 2014-11-27 at 9.09.42 PM

6. Acknowledge all the reservation’s information at the end

The summary tab resumes all the information generated when creating a reservation and is updated every time a new item or edition is made. 

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