How do I import my list of services and products in Clerk ?

To import your hotel services and products in Clerk, you must have the information in a CSV format. CSV files can be easily created and edited from spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel or Numbers.


  1. Login into your Clerk account.
  2. Go to "Administration" tab and click on the "Services" option. Then, choose "Import".
  3. You will see a new window with useful information explaining how to import your data. This page allows you to download a pre-assambled document to make it easier for you to complete the CSV file.
  4. Once your CSV file is created and set as the CVS document you downloaded on Clerk, go to the select field and browse your document. Remember you can only import CSV files so make sure you save it that way.
  5. You just have to click on the green button ("Import") and your file will be uploaded.
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