Activity and occupation report

Go to the "Reports" tab located on the main menu and choose the "Activity and occupation Report" to monitor your numbers. This "reports" tab can only be used by managers and owner, the clerks won't have access to this part.

Activity and occupation reports delivered by Clerk PMS are generated with all the data registered on your account. As time goes by you will be able to compare different ranges of time, there are 5 time ranges available:

  • Last week
  • Last Month
  • Last 3 months
  • Last 6 months
  • Last year

When choosing a specific period time, the system will load the data and calculate the results for the dates involved.

On the left: Totals of the period time.

  1. Your accommodation's activity results with the occupancy rate and the total of passengers received. 
  2. Nationalities welcome (the biller nationality is the one registered).
  3. Room/units types that were the most sold according to percentages.

On the right:

A dynamic graph will display your occupancy levels. On the chart, the two top key activity involved in your occupation results are presented:

  • Nights sold (the nights were booked against which were available but not sold).
  • Nights blocked (all rooms put on maintenance)

The occupation calculation will take the rooms available and the ones that got booked. You can go deeper on your data by putting your mouse on the different milestones marked in the graph.


Depending on the period time you choose, the milestones are loaded with daily, monthly and yearly information. This will help you to explore the results beyond the visualizations.

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