Download your Activity and Occupation report in Excel

Just as the Sales report, the occupation report can also be downloaded in two formats:

  1. PNG image, save the graphs and results of a period time visually
  2. Excel, so you can handle/edit all data loaded and create new information relevant for your business

descargar excel reporte ocupación

Descargar el Reporte de ocupación en Excel

When exporting to Excel document you will have access to a more detailed data from this period. The downloaded excel is divided in three sheets, each one presents a specific topic related to your activity results.

1. Occupation

This sheet recounts all bookings made depending on the "type" they belong to (example: suites, apartments, cottages, villas ...).

2. Bookings

This sheet list all booking involved in the period time you are referring:

  • Booking ID
  • Room/unit name
  • Creation date Fecha de creación
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Nights
  • Number of passengers in the room
  • Client (in charge of billing)
  • Country (nationality of the biller)
  • Currency (bill's currency)
  • Status (pending, confirmed, check-in, check-out)
  • Clerk user (user in charge of the booking's creation)

3. Recap

Here you have a summary that recaps all important numbers and statistics of the period time downloaded.

  • Total nights sold
  • Totalnights bloqued
  • Occupation percentage for the whole period



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