Send custom text and policies by default on booking's notifications

The emails sent from Clerk when notifying a booking summarize all the important details of the client stay and can also include some custom text and policies by default.

Each time the client receive an email about a booking, made manually or through the booking engine, the email will include a message the hotel wishes to inform.

Every account can decide what message should me send by the system and be able to change it when required. The message may give indications about:

  • Booking policies, cancellation and reimbursements
  • Deals and packages
  • Indicate alternative payment methods
To enter this information you must sign in, click on the "Administration" tab, and click on Hotel/Policies option. Now all you have to do is enter a title and the text of your message so we can deliver it.

You can also add a link that leads to a page where clients can get more explanation, details and images related to the message. 

link to booking policies hotel

For those who wonder why they can not customize more the email, our idea is not to restrict you to a boring format without images but rather to ensure that mails are sent correctly and that they effectively reach your customer:

  1. Because if you include images, the mail may be identified as spam by the customer's mail carrier.
  2. Because messages should be understood and seen regardless of the device in which clients receive the emails (smarthphone, desktop computer, tablet ...).
  3. Because we did some user testing so customers can find your message helpful and trustworthy.

Remember you can also send personal notes to clients in addition to the default message you are sending.


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