How to activate Review Express automated

Review Express Automated is one of the tools that have been developed in conjunction with TripAdvisor to help your hotel to rank better and sell directly.

The aim of Review Express is to increase your business TripAdvisor profile comments as they are a powerful resource for marketing and sales. In fact a study of PhoCusRight indicates that over 50% of travelers required to read reviews before booking. The problem is that it is very difficult to get guests to leave reviews on TripAdvisor once they Check-out.

Review Express allows you to send personalized and profesional mailings that are connected to your TripAdvisor profile so you receive comments on the experience clients got from their stay . You just need to make email list and send each time a campaign when clients leave.

Although Review Express is a tool that any TripAdvisor profile owner can obtain (Visit the section of free marketing tools) it is necessary that someone configure campaigns Reviews by entering email lists and specific nationalities. Even when having few rooms this task can lose its usefulness if it is not done periodically and in the right language.

For those who wanted to solve this situation by choosing to send Review Express's mailing only to "Happy" guests, you should know that TripAdvisor has a control to prevent these anomalies. The solution is then try to collect the largest possible amount of reviews.

That is why you should automate this process. So when the customer leaves the mailing is programmed to be send automatically on a strategic time and personalized with the clients data. Express Review is integrated with Clerk so all this process is done when doing a check-out.

Besides your results and statistics will be available at all times. Monitor responses and respond easily to your customers whenever you want.

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