Enable TripConnect on your Clerk account

If you completed all TripAdvisor's requirements to activate TripConnect, it's time to verify your Clerk account is also configured to enable it- there are only two steps.

1. Go o the "administration" tab of your Clerk account.

2. In "Types", check if all room types are the right ones and related with the Room code, also verify the max passengers number. Than you need to make sure the dollar currency is set and upload prices in dollars for each type of room so TripAdvisor can publish them on the site.

3. Make sure you've filled out all the information required on the "Hotel" option from the "Administration" tab.

4. Ones everything is ready, you will have to indicate your TripAdvisor's property ID .

You can find this code on your TripAdvisor's URL profile - just look for the number next to the "d" letter.

Then you are ready to proceed and activate TripConnect on your TripAdvisor profile!


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