What kind of advise and assistance do I get from Clerk ?

One of the great advantages of Clerk is that it was created for hoteliers and entrepreneurs with small and medium accommodation. Because of this, the tools we develop are designed to meet the needs of these businesses by understanding their context and requirements.

The way we accompany our users is also adapted. No matter if you're starting a hotel project or have a family business for quite some time, we will partner with you all along with the following assistance:

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Advisory
  • Follow up

1. Implementation

Clerk can be setup for Hotels, Hostels, Lodges, cottages, B & B ... so if you need any help with the configurations our team will be glad to present solutions and tips so your account is tailored with your business's specifics.

2. Training

It is true that we have a well documented Help Center so you can study some functionalities or resolve your questions at all times. But if you're in your first steps with Clerk feel free to request a personalized training so we can present you all the system's functionalities, automations and tools for you to take full control of Clerk!

3. Advise

Whether you're changing your management or sales strategy you may have questions about what is the best option or how to do it. Also, if you have questions about the Channel Manager options to market or the different OTAs we are here to assist you.

4. Follow up

The attention you get from the Clerk team will not be reduced after your first months of use but will continue throughout the development of your business. As we keep sharing with our community and creating new tools at no cost to pursue the grow of the industry.

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