I have an emergency or I need help

If for some reason the system is not responding as it should we recommend you to check these 4 items to rule out a specific setting problem.

1. Does your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) is up to date? Check if you have the latest version, or open another browser and try if the error keeps repeating. If when using another browser everything works fine, you then need to update your current browser or switch to another (We advise you not to use Explorer).

2. Does your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) is up to date? Open your account from another computer and establish whether the error persists. If everything looks ok than your computer is the root of the problem.

3. Check all room types and services charged register a price (no rates should be with zero).

4. If many people are using the same login and password. Each member of your tam must have their user so the system can function simultaneously regardless of how many users are making changes on the account. Click on the "Administration" tab "users" option (you can ask your employees their personal email as this is just to create access, their personal email has no impact on the system or when managing your customers).

If despite checking these points you still encounter difficulties, please contact us via the help widget available on your account or by mail (support [a] clerkhotel.com), we will answer ASAP!

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