Set my account as a Hostel (sell beds)

All Clerk's tools are compliant to suit different types of accommodation of independent hotels. Indeed, Clerk can be used by Hotels, Campings, Lodges, Apart hotels, B&B, condominiums...

The configuration of a Hostel is more specific because you have to take into account bookings are per person and related to a bed in a certain room. So follow this simple steps to set your hostel with Clerk.

1. Open an account for a hostel

When opening your account you are asked how many rooms you have, in this step you need to take in account how many beds and private rooms you have available in your accommodation. Place the total number (ie. 10 beds in two dormitories and 3 private rooms face a total of 13 units available)


If you already opened your account and you skipped this step don't worry. Just click on the "Administration" tab and go to the option "rooms". Then add the missing units you left out.

2. Set a hostel configuration

Once you have the total amount of units (beds and rooms) your guest can book you need to attribute a "type". Whether it's a bed in a mixed dorm, female dorm, female dorm with private bath, private room ... all these types of units need to be created.

Go to the "Administration" tab, "Types" option. Add one by one all the possible types available for booking on your accommodation and specify their characteristics, description and images. 

Example. I have 15 beds in three dorms. One male dormitory male, one female and one mixed. You need to create three types of bed like "Bed/Male", "Bed/Female" and "Bed/mixed".

Now that we have created our three types of beds related to a specific room/dorm, you can configure the beds. Go back to the "Rooms" option in the "Administration" tab. Define and attribute what type is related to each unit created.

You can name each unit as you want, with codes, number or names. This will help you to quickly recognize them on your dashboard but a type needs to be attributed by default.


This way, the account is now set as a hostal! You can go to the Dashboard and see how beds and rooms are now available to book.


The booking engine is automatically set to take bookings per bed or private room depending on the choice your client make and the current availability. It is important to give a complete description and add images for each type you market.


If you have any doubts on how to set you accommodation please get in touch with us! We'll be glad to help you out :)




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