Add pictures to my Room types

Your Clerk booking engine (included in your plan, no commissions) allows your client to book directly from your website and Facebook.

To improve the experience - of your soon to be guest - while booking and get to sale your rooms. You need to show pictures and details of each one of the rooms, appartments, Cabins... you are marketing.

To upload pictures

  1. Go to your Cerk account
  2. Click on the "Administración" tab and on the "types" option 
  3. On each type of unit/room you can add a description on the text case
  4. On each type of unit/room you can add pictures by clicking on the "+" button (under images)

¿What kind of pictures?

  • Must be in a .jpg or .png format
  • Have a maximum width of 1024 pixels ( horizontal pictures recommended)
  • Weight 2.0 Mb max



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