Booking, refunds and cancelation policies

With Clerk you can include a default text send in all email notifications regarding reservations made.

Among the messages you can include we really recommend you to detail your policies:

  • In order to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a good service towards your guests. It is important to establish from the start the rules your customers will have to follow when booking
  • It is good that the terms and conditions are established so your guest feels secure. He won't be surprised or think he is being scam by the hotel.

We recommend your policies to be clear and not hidden, everybody should have acces to them. You should create a specific page in your website and make sure to include them on and in all communications regarding bookings.

Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to know what to put as political, so we decided to give you some examples to inspire you.

Booking Policy


When there is room availability, it is required to confirm the booking by paying 100% of the amount via transfer during the next 48 hours since the booking was registered. Or, by sending the credit card details making sure the card doesn't expires before the check-in date.

Cancellation Policy

Example :

Persons, Institutions, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators can cancel their booking within the 72 hours prior to arrival date, free of charge. For any cancellation made on the  72 hours prior to arrival, the hotel will be in the obligation to charge a No Show. A No Show is charged with the value of the booking's first night. Any cancellation made on the last 48 hours prior to arrival date will not be entitled to any kind of refund, the full amount of the booking will be charged.

Refund policy

Example :

Full or partial refunds will be reimbursed discounting the transaction costs and via the payment mode that suits best the hotel. You will receive the amount during the two weeks after making your cancellation.

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