How to add users from my team to the system ?

ClerkHotel allows you to manage your business in a collaborative way by adding users to your hotel account. You can assign 2 types of profiles to your staff users according to tasks they perform:

  • Manager: Has access to all ClerkHotel functions, including the "Administration" section and "Reports". They will be able to edit names and room prices, add or remove services, etc.
  • Clerks: Have access only to the dashboard, reservations and clients tabs.

To add a new user to your hotel in ClerkHotel:

  • Go to the "Users" tab in the "Administration" section of your ClerkHotel account.

  • Enter the e-mail of the person from your staff you want to add.

  • Then choose the type of access that will be granted to that person (manager or clerk). Click "Invite user".
  • ClerkHotel will send an e-mail inviting the person to activate his or her new user profile.
  • Once activated the profile, new user's data (name, email address and type of access in ClerkHotel) will appear  in the "Users" tab under "Administration."

You can decide to eliminate a user at all times, just click on the red cross and this person will not be able to enter the system anymore.

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