Earnings reports on status dashboard

At all times we are improving the various tools that Clerk offers by making them more user-friendly or by adding features that our customers request.

This time we have worked on the information delivered to the different type of users each account has (Owner, Manager and Clerk) to provide the right information according to the type of role of account’s users.

Now the managers, but not the Clerks, will have access to the renovated Status that comes with new information and a more user friendly design. Also, this new tool will permit reviewing earns from previous days, today or future ones* (based on earns registered by planned Ckeck-outs on each date).

earning status hotel of the day

For account owners, in addition to the “Status” view there is a new reporting tool that will help them to calculate earnings from a time range. Also, there is the possibility to download the detail of that time range into an, Excel in order to know more about each day rooms or services revenue * (Submitted range of time can be up to 12 months until two days prior to “todays” date.

These are the new tools that will improve and automate your hotel data better and respecting privacy matters at the same time by filtering the type of user.

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