What are the requirements of TripAdvisor to activate TripConnect

If you wish to activate TripAdvisor’s new tool to appear on the Hotel Price Comparison search of the world’s biggest traveler community you need to complete the following requirements and have a Clerk account!

  1. Go to your TripAdvisor account and search for the Management Center and sign up for TripConnect – then read, acknowledge and accept the TripConnect terms and conditions.
  2. You need to have a current paid subscription with TripAdvisor, called Business Listing
  3. Connect your TripConnect certified Booking Engine – Clerk is a Premium Partner!

activate tripconnect

Make sure you completed all your Clerk account setup requirements, so you get an automatic connection. If you are ready, follow the leads of this video:

Beware! Even if you’ve completed the previous list you have to make investments on TripConnect to use it:

  • Having an active TripConnect campaign : You can setup campaigns whenever you want as there aren’t minimum monthly spends.
  • Your bid meets the minimum bid requirement for your property : Even if you don’t have a minimum spend each month you will have to adequate your investment depending on your TripAdvisor Profile and the current market place (current rating,  location, popularity ranking, seasonality…).

presupuesto y cpc tripconnect

TripAdvisor charge every 30 days regardless of whether I get to the top of your investment.

If you have doubts of the advantages of TripConnect visit this link.

Clerk is a TripAdvisor Premium Partner

tripconnect-premium partner-certified

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