How does ClerkHotel calculate your hotel status?

ClerkHotel status shows your hotel current activity, considering sales and bookings from one day at noon until next day at noon. Therefore, the status screen reflects the number of occupied rooms during the night, and sales and bookings from noon to noon.

For example: let’s say that today is Thursday and ClerkHotel status screen will give you the following information:

  • Occupancy, bookings and sales for yesterday: activity from Tuesday at noon to Wednesday at noon.
  • Occupancy, bookings and sales for today: activity from Wednesday at noon to Thursday at noon.
  • Occupancy, bookings and sales for tomorrow: activity from Thursday at noon to Friday at noon.

ClerkHotel uses the same global hospitality standards for your hotel management. If in doubt, contact ClerkHotel team through our Help and Support section.

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