When should I upgrade my Clerk plan?


  • The plans flexibility related to the flow of sales from your hotel, is one of the main Clerk advantages. You can change your plan whenever you want depending on your accommodation activity. The idea is that you pay what you use.
We recommend you to upgrade your plan as soon as you feel like reservations are going to get crazy and you don’t have a lot. Remember that you are receiving reservations directly and automatically from your web booking and Facebook booking. Be careful not to loose clients.

Keep in mind:

  • Monthly charges are related to the date you start your subscription.
  • If you want to switch the plan, you should do it in a date near to your current billing period, due to use your current plan.
  • Once your plan is changed, new billing will be updated when change is complete. So, if that date doesn’t match with your previous plan, Clerk service will be payed on a new date.

To upgrade your plan you need to go to the “Account” tab and choose a plan with more reservations, you can downgrade afterwards easily.


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